Stories belong to all humans and we have a need to tell and share them. I love writing plays that we're not supposed to write (especially as mother types). I have lofty goals of following fiercely feminist paths that my heroes have walked in before and sharing space with dear ones who do not find the stage as often as they should.

I am a playwright from the Pacific Northwest currently teaching the craft of play/screenwriting, dramaturgy, and film at Western Washington University where I have been for ten years.  I multi task being a professor with motherhood and bartending; just how things are done in 2020.  I try to write plays (short and long) the occasional musical with a friend, and lots of shitty poetry.  I also also the chair of KCACTF Region VII Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy.


Currently Working On...

It's the dead dad play.  I mean, we all know it was inevitable, but here in the middle of a pandemic it seems like it's finally time to start working out of the pit of losing my dad.  And it's okay.  The challenge has been to literally fight the patriarchy in this story and NOT let it revolve around a Pater Familias passing.  

Progress of this masterpiece will be drafted through my NPX (New Play Exchange) url.



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