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Kamarie Chapman



Stories belong to all humans and we have a need to tell and share them. I love writing plays that celebrate a breadth of human stories that feature bodies and stories systemically repressed from being a part of the stage. I have lofty goals of following fiercely intersectional paths that my heroes have walked in before; sharing space with dear ones who should be (and always have been) heroes in our plays. This pull is kindred to what I believe children's programming used to be. Then somehow that got sterilized or stripped of the humanity. My dream is to bring back that humanity and all the flaws that are inherent with it. And to make theatre that is accessible for all people. Because theatre does not have to just exist on a stage.

I am a playwright from the Pacific Northwest currently teaching the craft of play/screenwriting, dramaturgy, and film at Western Washington University where I have been for twelve years. My heart home is in Albuquerque and the surrounding mesas and high desert plains. I multi task being a professor and creator with parenthood; just how things are done in 2022. I try to write plays (short and long) the occasional musical with a friend, and lots of subpar poetry. I also co-chair of KCACTF Region VII for the New Play Program in the same region.

As 2022 ends and a new year begins, I am starting to program The Bellingham Story Hour with The New Prospect Theatre Company in Bellingham, WA. This series is inspired by the Moth Radio Hour and will start full force in January of 2023.

Currently Working On...

In between projects at the moment. Lots of starts to new ideas leaning heavily toward a TYA script to delight my kiddo.

Recent productions include UNTETHERED (the musical), a musical written by my students at WWU with On the Intersection Company. Also excited for new workshops and StorySlams with my community for The Bellingham Story Hour.

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