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Workshop Format

  1. Workshops will be hosted by a member of the community with some understood expertise in storytelling. Are you someone who wants to lead workshops? Please email

  2. All Bellingham Story Hour Community Agreements apply during workshop time.

  3. Workshops are offered by donation for the instructors time and pedagogy

  4. Workshops will be capped at 16 participants per session. Registration for these spots can be found here. (ß link to workshop registration)

  5. Bellingham Story Hour Workshops are learning environments. Structures for feedback and writing exercises will be guided by the facilitator. Clear expectations and subjects for each workshop will be given at the top of each class.

  6. This is a learning process guided by programming from The Moth Radio Hour. Many of the ideas presented can be found in the publication How to Tell a Story and other resources. Instructors will do their best to provide participants with access to texts and other educational resources.

  7. Logistics will likely change as Bellingham Story Hour grows and evolves. All BSH leadership will ensure that changes are clearly documented and presented to the best of their ability.

  8. We are all humans and fallible. That’s what makes us beautiful. As we learn and grow together let’s remember that and handle each other kindly and gently. This is a learning curve for everyone.

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