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Week Seven (French Mods)

This week we will be discussing ideas brought about by the French Mods (sometimes called The New Turks) and the French New Wave Film. Basically this was a form of editing and style that broke all the standard rules. In order to understand what was being broken, I have created a good reading/viewing list to help you along.

History of Editing in this context

(Please excuse some of the weird cis dude commentary- it’s still got a lot of good info)

Soviet Montage... where the breaking of continuity begins.

Breaking the Rules [of editing]

(Article) Where to Begin with Agnès Varda.


Not Recorded Yet. :)

Film of the Week:

If we were watching a film in class together, I would probably pull from the Wes Anderson canon. Why? Because students LOVE Wes Anderson. I mean, it's a bit precious and can be insufferable these days, but it's hard to argue that the mise-en-scene created by Anderson is absolutely magical. I try to pick a title less cringy than others... Usually Royal Tenenbaums or Grand Budapest Hotel.

That being said, if I'm recommending this for most of the folx looking at this class here, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Divines by up and coming director Houda Benyamina. It's incredible and kind of like a modern, femme take on The Godfather (only a bit more gut-wrenching). You can find it on Netflix.

Films to Watch:




Cleo from 5 to 7

Lost in Translation

Chungking Express

400 Blows


Pulp Fiction

Carlito’s Way

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