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Week Five (Documentary)

During this week we will discuss and explore documentary in film.  You may find it surprising how much more you understood of this film form than you may have understood.

Reading/Viewing Week Five:

Types of Documentary

History of Documentary

Ted X – Albert Maysles

Mister Rogers Talks to Congress


Same note as always... I recorded this for the class when the pandemic started. There has not been a lot of editing; so please offer me a little grace. Thank you!

The film of the week is called Maiden: The Finish Line Knows No Gender and it came out just this last summer (2019).  You can find it available on Hulu (they just happen to have a promotion for a 30 day free trial if that's at all helpful...). The journey is harrowing and I have not run into many folx who make it through to the end without a pretty big moment of catharsis. I hope you enjoy it.  I love the journey of the anti-hero.  I love the old footage from home movies and the BBC news.  It's incredible.

Pro Tip: Do watch this film with the captioning on.  The accents can get in the way of the viewer being able to understand what's going on!

Films that are also great for this week:

Grey Gardens 

Don’t Look Back

A Film About a Band Called K.A.R.P.

Good Hair

Plagues and Pleasures of the Sultan Sea

Paris is Burning

Won’t You be My Neighbor

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