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Week Four (Structures)

This week we explore and discuss narrative and structure.  It's important to understand that films are written in a certain way- not totally different from a novel, but also very different than a web series or series from television (even if the film does have several parts... think of the Hunger Games or Star Wars franchise.)

Week Four Reading/Viewing:

10 Popular Structures

Three Act Structure – D4

The Monomyth Image

Another Image

Why to NOT Teach the Hero’s Journey


(These are not pro lectures... I put them together for my class during the pandemic. I hope that the information is useful to you!)

Film of the Week:

This weeks film is one of my favorites to come out in the Super Hero genre EVER.  I'm not even kidding.  When Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse was released I was like, "Meh.  Another stupid super hero film... whoopee."  Shut your mouth Kamarie from the past.  This film is bananas.  It did win the Oscar for best animated feature of 2019, but I think it probably should have won several more awards for design and probably story as well.  (And it did from many other organizations.)  The animation and design work in this film is incredible.  From the opening credits to the end.  The actors are superb and it was produced with intersectional values that seem to be missing in SO many super hero movies.  Also, the soundtrack- get it.

You can find Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse on Netflix.  (And all kinds of other platforms.)  I know this one wasn't on our original list, but the Roshomon story telling and the joy it brings from watching is something that I think we all need in our lives right now.

Have a good viewing and I'll talk at you next week.

Films to Watch:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I Heart Huckabee

Spirited Away



Run Lola Run

Pulp Fiction

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