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Week Six (Kurosawa and Movement)

Moving along, this week we look at Samurai Film and Akira Kurosawa's influence on American film and Westerns. While I get a bit overwhelmed with the misogyny that is ever-present in Spaghetti Westerns (and in Kurosawa's work too) the fact is the Kurosawa trademarks are undeniably international marks of mastery in film. And understanding them can change the way one views films from ALL eras.

Composing Movement (Akira Kurosawa)

*Please excuse the cheesy music that backdrops this tutorial

D4 Movement

Article on Japanese Film Influence on America


Not created yet!

Film of the Week:

If we were together I would have us watch Chi Raq. This film came out in 2015 and is currently available on Prime. Spike Lee is a SEXY director and this film has all the sex as it is an anti-gun adaptation of the Greek classic Lysistrata. The costuming is amazing. The cast is to die for and the story is incredible. (CW: There are some gunshots- particularity at the beginning- and a pretty rough seen of a Momma crying over a sheet with some blood on it.)

Films to Watch:

Akira Kurosawa (Any film… my favorites are Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood, & Dreams)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe

The Hurt Locker

The Wrestler

The Dark Crystal

Battle Royale

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