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Week Three (Catharsis)

This week we explore the ideas behind CATHARSIS.  The entire film industry hinges all their bets on this idea behind catharsis and our NEED for it.  So let's dig a little deeper and talk about the feelings we are feeling and how film can transport, manipulate, and even exacerbate these feelings.


The Role of Catharsis in Psychology

The Cathartic Experience of Social Sharing

Manipulating Emotions Using Color

Night of the Hunter and Familiar Image:  (I hope this doesn't get taken down... Dave Monahan gives the BEST explanation)

Effects of Lighting Transforming the Face:


Film of the Week:

This week I'm asking you to watch what is quickly becoming a classic.  Although only 12 years old, the film Juno has become somewhat of a household name by the Millennial generation.  With it's snappy soundtrack, lovable misfits, and tough choices, it seems to be the anthem of those that got to see it in the theaters.  Unsurprisingly Ellen Page won the academy award for best actress and Diablo Cody won for best new screenplay.  (Jason Reitman the director also won for best direction- which I would debate- but now's not the time or place for that.)

What I find really interesting about Juno is that it seems to have gone unrepresented to the zoomers.  Like no one told y'all about this amazing film.  And it has ALL the feelings in it.  Not just a chick-flick to be overlooked, Juno tackles teen pregnancy, abortion, adoption, infidelity and grooming , as well as  dysfunctional American families.  I hope that while you're watching you notice the color pallets and how they are used to urge you into feeling a certain way.  How the language is used to set you at ease.  And even how the catchy, animated credit role at the beginning pulls you right into Juno's world.

Pay attention to the scene in the clinic.  Notice the use of fingernails from the moment Sue Chin talks about them to what it is that drives Juno to make her ultimate decision that will push forward the Major Dramatic Question for the entire film.

You can find Juno on many, many platforms and it shouldn't cost you more than $4 to stream.

Films to Watch:


Whale Rider

The Color Purple

Mad Max Fury Road

I Will Follow


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