The Search for the Universal Crystals of Truth

A LARPing Birthday Adventure

**UPDATE: We'll be meeting at WHATCOM FALLS PARK lower level shelter (by the fish hatcheries) at 1:15pm on October 10th. **

Emmett is turning SIX and he is very excited to share his birthday with his friends.  Because we are a family concerned with covid, and because we wanted him to be able to invite his new Kingergarten classmates (and some friends he loves), we thought a LARPing adventure through Cornwall Park might be the perfect event.  

LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing.  Emmett's Uncle Steven (a music teacher) will be leading the kids through the park from scene to scene. Hopefully we can wrangle in a few adults to play some roles for the children to meet along the way. It's super fun and we promise less complicated than it sounds.  We will bring extra costumes to share! 

Please no presents!  Emmett is hoping to make a little picture book with any handmade cards from his friends (okay, Emmett's mom is... but really this party and spending time with his friends is such a gift!)

For this adventures we will need heroes from all over the universe to collaborate!  Costumes are strongly encouraged. Please no guns or toy weapons that shoot. (There will be an inflatable sword for each adventurer that needs a protection on the journey.)

We will LARP rain or shine and have the covered area reserved at Whatcom Falls (lower level) Park from 1pm - 4pm. Take the entrance closest to the cemetery by the big bridge.

Younger siblings are welcome to join for a snack and playing on the playground.

Want to help? We will need parents/older siblings willing to costume up and act as a Crystal Guardian (or a challenger on the journey)!  Could that be you? We will provide you with an idea of lines for your script, but mostly you just need to wear a costume and challenge the adventurers in order for them to win the crystal.  We would also be totally happy to have anyone who wants come a bit early to help set up.  (There's a google sheet to RSVP on with options for all this info.)

COVID-19 precautions: All participants will be asked to wear protective masks (just like at school) for the event.  There will be some snacks and a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy in the covered area and we'll kind of set that up as spaced out as we can.  But otherwise, we all know the school rules, so that should be pretty easy for everyone to follow. (Please ensure all participants have a proper mask on especially under a costume mask.)

Thanks for reading!  Thanks for being a part of our kiddo's community!  Can't wait to meet you and have a good time at the park!


Psychic Stones

The Universal Crystals of Truth


The Quest

"Not until after the Full Equinox Moon and the beginning of the end of two thousand and twenty one years from the time the inhabitants started tracking, will the Guardians holding the Seven Truths be willing to let go.

Only the children will hear the call.  Only the children can save them all..."

The prophecy is clear that no one human can endure this quest. It must be won by the courageous children who will be able to unlock the secrets of the crystals.  So this call to adventure is for them.

All heroes please gather at Cornwall Park in Bellingham Washington on the planet Earth on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3RD at 1:30 PM.  Please be sure and wear the traditional adventure attire from the galaxy you are from.  There may be rain, so prepare and pack your supplies carefully.

You will be guided on an outdoor quest through the park to find the Guardians of the Crystals and pass the crystal challenge in order to gather them all to save the Earth.

May the winds be at your back and may your hearts be full.  We will see you at the parting ceremony at the shelter by the playground at 1:30pm sharp.

The Universal Crystals of Truth have always existed.  Throughout the far stretches of the universe, safely tucked away and protected by their guardians. 

Thousands of years ago a wise sorcerer from the Aristaeus Star System wrote down a dream prophecy that predicted in the year of 2021 a small planet in the Milky Way System known as Gaia would come to a major reckoning.  In order to aid the small planet and its inhabitants all seven of the Universal Crystals of Truth would need to be gathered.

The crystals on their own are quite powerful, but when brought together they can create miracles and infuse their powers into the brave heroes who journey to find them. The seven crystals are: