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Emmett's Mario Challenge Course Birthday Party!

A LARPing Birthday Adventure

Emmett is turning SEVEN and he is very excited to share his birthday with his friends. Emmett loves a good story and a good outside adventure, so we thought a LARPing style birthday party would be the way to go.

LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing. Participants usually dress up and follow a host (GM or Gaming Master) on a trail and they will encounter various challenges to earn gold coins! (Just like Mario and Luigi) Hopefully we can wrangle in a few adults to play some roles for the children to meet along the way. It's super fun and we promise less complicated than it sounds. 

Please no presents!  Emmett is hoping to make a little picture book with any handmade cards from his friends (okay, Emmett's mom is... but really this party and spending time with his friends is such a gift!)


For this adventures we will need heroes from all over whatever universe collaborate!  Costumes are strongly encouraged and do not have to be from the Mario world. Please no guns or shooting accessories for this adventure.

We will LARP rain or shine and have the covered area reserved at Cornwall Park from 1pm - 4pm. 

Younger siblings are welcome to join for a snack and playing on the playground (the challenge course may be a little tough but they are welcome to try with parent help).

Want to get in on the action? We will need parents/older siblings willing to costume up and act as an obstacle course leader. Could that be you? We will provide you with an idea and props (unless you want to come up with your own), We would also be totally happy to have anyone who wants come a bit early to help set up.  (There's a google sheet to RSVP on with options for all this info.)

Thanks for reading!  Thanks for being a part of our kiddo's community!  Can't wait to meet/see you and have a good time at the park!




Heroes from all realms and universes to take the Mario Challenge Course and save the all the land to restore power to Princess Peach. Come play and romp through all of Cornwall Park and share treats with us after!

Date: Sunday, October 2nd

Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm

Location: Cornwall Park Shelter (by the big playground)

What to Bring: Adventuresome spirit and appropriate clothing for playing outside that day (we'll go rain or shine)


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